Trade and Investment in Morocco

Morocco is the perfect place to invest thanks to its skilled workforce, easy access to key markets with hundreds of millions of consumers, strong growth in a variety of sectors, and excellent government support.

More information: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Trade

Morocco has a diversified and dynamic economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the Arab world. The Moroccan economy has diversified its economy over the past two decades into numerous high-growth sectors such as automobiles, telecommunications, aeronautics, electronics, and services outsourcing. This is in addition to an aggressive campaign of modernization and/or privatization of traditional economic sectors such as banking, tourism, utilities and agriculture...

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Tourism is one of Morocco's most dynamic sectors of recent years, achieving consistent double digit growth since the goal of 10 million tourists by 2010 was set in 2001. Morocco's tourism sector is not only on track to achieve that goal, but to exceed it...

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